More icing in BroadCom's cake

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

As if all the talk and the attention that QualComm has been getting from the ITC ban is not enough, a federal judge in San Diego ruled that QualComm intentionally with-held disclosure of inventions during a discovery. Further, it ruled that the company also intentially hid a couple of patents from the video compression standards. This action implies that QualComm was precluded from enforcing these patents and seeking royalty.

Now, tell me something.
. Have other companies become smarter and are they hiring smarter lawyers these days?
. Has QualComm's legal team gotten too tired enforcing patents and litigating all these years?
. Or is QualComm really unethical and hence is paying for it dearly now? If unethical, is it any different from the others and is just paying the price for being smart and for leading the pack?

I would be delighted to get a few opinions on this.

Posted by Vijay Nagarajan at 12:42 AM  


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