gPhone - its ringing in the web!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Boy, I am looking at the attention the article in Business Standard and Rediff is getting and I should say that the web-site has succeeded in yet another of its publicity stunts. And of course, it has also helped build the gPhone aura. No wonder Google backed off from any comments.

This being said, let me re-iterate that a gPhone in its full glory in a fort-night is either a figment of imagination by a couple of fertile minds or is just wrongly processed information. I can see some kind of a service agreement in the cards between the carriers and google and this may have been mistaken for a gPhone launch.

Another possibility that a friend pointed out is an announcement in a couple of weeks about the gPhone availability. As he said, and I will readily agree, if google wants to go the apple route, then the first thing it should learn from the 'fruit company' is the market intelligence and the creation of the hype. They have the brand, they need a product to pitch it in the mobile space. They definitely need hype and fever around such a product. Well Google, here you go! You have a good start, even it was not entirely intentional.

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