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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Treat yourself with this laugh riot on gPhone -

It is probably the case of an overzealous reporter with a key-board in hand. The article talks about gPhone heading for a world-wide launch in a fortnight. Improbable! And here are some of the reasons -

- Prototype to Product: This is a long process. Any prototype that is OKed by the carriers will have to go through rigorous test procedures not just to pass regulation but also to meet performance metrics defined by standards. The product cycles are definitely not a fort-night long.

- GPS and other features: The gPhone is likely to be a model that thrives on GPS and Wi-Fi. These features present additional issues that need to be tested. Not trivial!

- Technology: GSM or CDMA? 2G or 3G? The article talks about a lot of carriers and to suggest that a phone will be out for each of them in 15 days is outrageous. Apple is not stepping beyond GSM for the moment. Why would Google gamble on fairly new mobile concepts for various technologies simultaneously?

I could enumerate a 101 more reasons. But it would sound silly. I do wish though that journalists are more responsible and apply a little more logic rather than going for a few additional hits to their sites.

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