3G for iPhone - a panacea?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I came across an interesting article at


where the author mentions that the future technologies may not live up to the promise of high-speed and that better user experience with iPhone V2 and 3G is only a myth. While I partially agree with arguments and that 3G won't be the panacea for all the user woes, there is some reason for the expectations.

My argument is two-folds. One is that while the GSM networks around are fairly well populated and leave little room for data speeds, the HS and other 3G networks currently rolled out are nowhere near capacity. In other words, as long as these networks are not dense, there is a possibility that the initial users (I can't give a time-frame though) are likely to get an enhanced user-experience with respect to speeds. I am implying that the infrastructure in place for 3G far exceeds the current usage and hitting the density of the GSM networks may take a while.

Secondly, the argument with WiMax, I suppose, is cheaper infrastructure costs. This means that more sectors/base-stations can be laid for the same cost thereby supporting more users/higher data-speeds for the same investment. This then can also mean higher data-speeds coming from the future generations.

This being said, I will definitely buy the author's argument when the sectors become capacity-limited or in other words when there are more users in the network than what it was designed for.

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