A note on 3G iPhone's GPS

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In my 3G iPhone predictions, I had mentioned Broadcom as the GPS solution provider. Here is why I think so -

My first premise is that Infineon's XMM6080 platform will be in the 3G iPhone. Now, if we look at the product brief of the XMM6080 here, the block diagram clearly states that the GPS capability of this platform comes from "Infineon/Global Locate A-GPS Hammerhead PMB2520/25." As we all know, Broadcom acquired Global Locate last year.

This is my simple argument that Broadcom owns the GPS slot in the 3G iPhone. Counter arguments, anyone?

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Hi Vijay,
If we are to consider your premise - why couldn't it be Infineon's Hammerhead solution? Why specifically Broadcom ?

Effectively they both have the exact same solution developed by Globe Locate & IFX together. If they have been marketing it at the same time - why would an OEM use Broadcom's A-GPS solution as compared to Infineons - when IFX provides the HSDPA Platform.

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