Number One Hundred

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Almost a year since I started this pro bono wireless industry analyst blog effort, I am publishing my 100th blog post today. It has been an exciting journey for me as I learn and share knowledge about my industry. When I started it, I felt I had unique tools that I could use to impact my readers: rich wireless research experience, close interaction with TensorComm officers, 3GPP standards body participation, insider understanding of the industry’s legal and geo-political issues, and first-hand negotiation experience with leading wireless companies and the determination to make a difference. This has, in turn, helped me learn more and to write more, providing me the energy to spend over twenty five hours a week besides a demanding full-time engineering job.

I would like to thank my friends and readers for their continued support. I am also most grateful to Ms.Sramana Mitra, who has been instrumental in giving me a wider exposure through her blog. My guest authorship on her website has motivated me to research thoroughly and to present logical and lucid analysis/opinions. Besides, I have gained a lot from Ms.Mitra's mentorship. I think that the quality of my articles has certainly improved since my association with her. In fact, one of the blog highlights for 2007 was my well-critiqued Qualcomm series on her site. I am also learning from her ability to identify problems and her clarity of thought.

Over the next year, I am hoping to make a bigger impact covering a wider portfolio of companies and more industry trends. Shortly, I will be doing a valuation series on Broadcom on Ms.Mitra's site and also take a deeper look at the convergence devices market. My goal is also to reach a wider audience and to impact more people through my writings. I hope to have your continued support as I seek to expand this passionate endeavor of mine over my next 100 postings.

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