Sprint and Clearwire at it again

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I concluded my November 16th post saying, "While mobile WiMax itself may not be down and out in the US, Sprint's Xohm needs a reincarnation of sorts to live the dream." This week, Sprint announced that it revived talks with Clearwire for a joint venture to roll out WiMAX networks. Money is likely to come from Intel and others.

I am not sure what the final outcome of these talks will be. It appears that the best route for both companies and also for a faster deployment of WiMAX in the US. Perhaps, Sprint will spin off the WiMAX business so it can focus on its ailing CDMA business. It is already looking to write off $31 billion in goodwill. In the meantime, all of us will have to hear Sprint and Clearwire tell each other, "I love you, I love you not..."

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