Ths ITC ban

Friday, June 8, 2007

Here is a report from Fierce Wireless with some insights into the ITC ban of QualComm chipsets violating BroadCom's patents.

The analyst seems to share my opinions on QualComm's relationship with the industry. The point is that the love-hate relationship between the company and the industry has given more people a reason to rejoice than feel for it.

The move might be a huge blow to the US wireless industry and QualComm is attempting to make the same point by seeking a Presidential veto despite realizing that the probability of a veto is close to nil. On the other hand, my suspicion is that QualComm as a company would certainly have some fall-back plans to counter something this drastic. And of course, all said and done, they are likely to get the support of the service providers in any move attempting to circumvent the controversial IP. After all, the QualComm 'cool-ade' is too intoxicating for them to let go. They may have wanted to shake up things a little bit, but for their own good, they will help QualComm get its act together fast!

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